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TNO was founded in 1932 by an act of the Dutch parliament to make scientific research accessible and applicable for businesses and government. TNO is a not for profit organisation which by law is required to operate in an independent and objective way. TNO’s trademark is the application of rigorous scientific principles to a wide variety of disciplines. At the start of 2013 TNO employed around 3.000 highly qualified professionals. TNO is active in nine Units, each of them covers a number of roadmaps. Buildings, Infrastructures & Maritime, Circular Economy & Environment, Defence, Safety and Security, Energy, Industry, Healthy living, Information & Communication Technology, Strategic Analysis & Policy and Traffic & Transport.
logo hogeschool van amsterdam programAcross AUAS a wealth of activities has been developed to achieve this mission of becoming the entrepreneurial institute for applied sciences in the Netherlands. In order to facilitate and channel these activities, and to back them up with a solid knowledge and evidence base the Entrepreneurship Program has been created.
Aeres WageningenAeres University of Applied Sciences in Wageningen focuses on teachers, trainers and extension specialists in Education and knowledge management. The programs train students in becoming professionals in the transfer of knowledge in the field of agriculture (agribusiness), horticulture (floral design and retail, landscaping and gardening), food technology, animal breeding and keeping.
European Commission programThe Digital Single Market is a strategy of the European Commission to ensure access to online activities for individuals and businesses under conditions of fair competition, consumer and data protection, removing geo-blocking and copyright issues.
OIKOSOIKOS is the National Research School in Classical Studies in the Netherlands. It is a collaborative institution of six Dutch universities and one Belgian university. It coordinates the research in the field of classical studies in the Netherlands and Flanders and organizes the educational programme of the PhD students in Classics.
ibfIn the Netherlands we rather share our success stories than our learned lessons. That’s a shame because it impedes innovation. The Institute for Brilliant Failures attempts to challenge society by facilitating and increasing accessibility to learning experience. The foundation aims to promote an environment of entrepreneurship by learning to deal with risks and the evaluation of mistakes. The institute has gained extensive experience in creating more ‘fault tolerance’ and a more healthy innovation climate in complex environments. In order to stimulate reflection and effective application of learned lessons, we offer all kinds of tools and advices. We offer workshops, lectures and customized learning pathways.
antwerp school of managementAntwerp Management School, a dynamic, innovative and customer-friendly organization, fueled by an empowered team. Our faculty and staff do their utmost to provide you with an inspiring learning experience, by sharing state-of-the-art knowledge and practical insights that really make a difference.
We look beyond the mere transfer of technical knowledge. As our mission statement explicitly mentions, we also want to stimulate your personal development. Our approach is straightforward: the better you feel as a person, the more confident you are when dealing with complicated business situations.
TU/eEindhoven University of Technology is a leading, international, specialized in engineering science & technology. It offers excellent teaching and research and contributes to the advancement of technical sciences and research to the developing of technological innovations and the growth of wealth and prosperity both in its region and beyond.
pdma logoThe Product Development and Management Association – The Netherlands (PDMA.NL) is the leading association in the field of services and / or product development and management for innovation professionals in the Netherlands.

Media Partners

hapticHAPTIC R&D CONSULTING is a consulting of global technology and engineering company providing innovative solutions for customers in industrial, commercial, and residential markets. Our goal is your target in a future visionary way to create a synergy business bridge between SME’s companies and R&D laboratories to merge together in revolutionary and innovation projects.HAPTIC R&D CONSULTING stays focussed both on private and public organisations, NGOs, universities, educational institutes and agencies offering various services related to European funded programmes such as Horizon 2020 helping them to access EU funds.

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partners Tikcit is an online registration platform. Organising an event implies many issues, from ticketing to e-payments, from statistics to ordering supplies, from surveys to social media and many many more. Tikcit is the platform to support you: Tikcit, event experiences.
Tikcit is the first ever platform that enables you to help you organising your event from ticketing to all features you require. Tikcit offers all basic features but the strength of it is that Tikcit enables you to connect many tools from other partners to optimize the organisation of your event.
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