Biomimicry: innovation and sustainability for SMEs – Presented by Mauro Gallo, Aeres Wageningen

Biomimicry: innovation and sustainability for SMEs – Presented by Mauro Gallo, Aeres Wageningen, at the Knowledge Innovation Summit, which takes place on Jun 5, 2018, at Eindhoven University of Technology.

Biomimicry is a new emerging discipline consisting of emulating natural forms, processes, and ecosystem to make more sustainable design. This presentation shows the challenges associated to the bio-inspired design and strategies necessary to bring this design methodology out of the academic world. Moreover, some examples demonstrate how biomimicry, as design tool, can help SMEs becoming more innovative in the context of sustainable development.

About Mauro Gallo
Mauro Gallo studied mechanical engineering at the University of Naples – “Federico II”. At the same institution in 2007, he received a PhD in aerospace engineering. He has worked as lecturer and researcher at the ETH Zürich and TU Delft. Passionate about nature, in the recent years he has been steering his research interests towards topics blending engineering and biology. Therefore, his appointment as “Biomimicry Lector” resulted as a natural fit at this stage of his career. Within this professorship, he will have the opportunity to question the nature not only for challenges in engineering and technology but also for social innovation.

Aeres WageningenAbout Aeres Wageningen
Aeres University of Applied Sciences in Wageningen focuses on teachers, trainers and extension specialists in Education and knowledge management.

The programs train students in becoming professionals in the transfer of knowledge in the field of agriculture (agribusiness), horticulture (floral design and retail, landscaping and gardening), food technology, animal breeding and keeping.

About Knowledge Innovation Summit
The flow of knowledge from institutions, such as universities and colleges, to SMEs stagnates. The practical translation of this knowledge into tools where SMEs can do something is usually lacking. Organizations in the meso level are able to transform new knowledge into an approach that is useful to SMEs.

During this Summit knowledge institutions share new knowledge and insights into (open) innovation (processes) with representatives of industry associations, consultancy agencies and governments. They translate these insights into practical instruments that are useful to small and medium-sized businesses. In addition, knowledge institutions can present their offerings in the field of internships and research, where the participants can match their question.

For whom?
Representatives of sector organizations, consultancy agencies and governments on the one hand and knowledge institutions on the other. But also anyone who is seriously interested in new knowledge and insights in the field of (open) innovation (processes).

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