Exponential Academy, inspiring and activating SMEs – Presented by An Cosaert, Antwerp Management School

Exponential Academy, inspiring and activating SMEs – Presented by An Cosaert, Antwerp Management School, at the Knowledge Innovation Summit, which takes place on Jun 5, 2018, at Eindhoven University of Technology.

We are living in an exponential age. Technology is developing at an exponential speed and new business models are activated daily. It has never been more challenging for smes to follow the trends and keep up with the rate of change.

So how do you activate smes to experiment with new technologies and new business models and learn them how to think exponentially.

Exponential Academy is a project by POM West-Vlaanderen, TUA West en Antwerp Management School that aims to inspire and activate smes, with emphasis on the maker industry, towards an exponential future.

About An Cosaert
After spending 15 years in Research&development on materials science and electrotechnics, An Cosaert became an innovation consultant for smes in 2007. For 9 years she has been coaching smes on innovation management and intellectual property. Recently in 2016, An became expert innovation for Antwerp Management School. Her main topics are exponential thinking, innovation management and intellectual property management.

antwerp school of managementAbout Antwerp Management School
Antwerp Management School, a dynamic, innovative and customer-friendly organization, fueled by an empowered team. Our faculty and staff do their utmost to provide you with an inspiring learning experience, by sharing state-of-the-art knowledge and practical insights that really make a difference.

We look beyond the mere transfer of technical knowledge. As our mission statement explicitly mentions, we also want to stimulate your personal development. Our approach is straightforward: the better you feel as a person, the more confident you are when dealing with complicated business situations.

Our slogan expresses what we stand for: Opening Minds. Touching Souls. Energizing Business.

About Knowledge Innovation Summit
The flow of knowledge from institutions, such as universities and colleges, to SMEs stagnates. The practical translation of this knowledge into tools where SMEs can do something is usually lacking. Organizations in the meso level are able to transform new knowledge into an approach that is useful to SMEs.

During this Summit knowledge institutions share new knowledge and insights into (open) innovation (processes) with representatives of industry associations, consultancy agencies and governments. They translate these insights into practical instruments that are useful to small and medium-sized businesses. In addition, knowledge institutions can present their offerings in the field of internships and research, where the participants can match their question.

For whom?
Representatives of sector organizations, consultancy agencies and governments on the one hand and knowledge institutions on the other. But also anyone who is seriously interested in new knowledge and insights in the field of (open) innovation (processes).

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