Tom van der Horst, TNO, will speak at Knowledge Innovation Summit

Tom van der Horst, Business Director Strategies for Industry and Innovation, TNO, will speak at Knowledge Innovation Summit, which takes place on Jun 5, 2018, at Eindhoven University of Technology.

About Tom van der Horst
Tom studied Industrial Design at the Delft University of Technology from 1981 to 1987. In 1988 he joined TNO Industrial Technology (the former TNO Productcentre) and was head of department of product development (1993-2001), founder of Kathalys, centre for sustainable product innovation TNO/DUT (1997-2001). At the same time he is manager of the TNO new initiative on Sustainable System innovation (1997-2001). He has built up specific experience in a wide scope of research projects and innovation projects in practice in close co-operation with multinationals and SME’s
Tom joined TNO-STB since February 2002 as senior researcher and since January 2003 as head of department of the team Sustainable Innovation. In the period 2004 – 2011 Tom was Manager of the Business Unit Innovation and Environment

About Nederlandse Organisatie voor toegepast natuurwetenschappelijk onderzoek TNO (TNO)
TNO was founded in 1932 by an act of the Dutch parliament to make scientific research accessible and applicable for businesses and government. TNO is a not for profit organisation which by law is required to operate in an independent and objective way. TNO’s trademark is the application of rigorous scientific principles to a wide variety of disciplines. At the start of 2013 TNO employed around 3.000 highly qualified professionals. TNO is active in nine Units, each of them covers a number of roadmaps. Buildings, Infrastructures & Maritime, Circular Economy & Environment, Defence, Safety and Security, Energy, Industry, Healthy living, Information & Communication Technology, Strategic Analysis & Policy and Traffic & Transport
TNO is one of the most internationally oriented research and technology organisations in Europe. TNO is periodically audited by an independent panel of experts to assess the relative level of expertise on a global scale. These audits have confirmed that in many areas our knowledge base can be characterised as distinctive, both nationally and internationally. Maintaining and improving this knowledge base is a major focus of TNO as it continues to increase its presence in the international knowledge arena. In 2013 TNO’s internationally generated revenue was 157 million Euros, which represents approximately 39% of the total revenue from the market.

About Knowledge Innovation Summit
The flow of knowledge from institutions, such as universities and colleges, to SMEs stagnates. The practical translation of this knowledge into tools where SMEs can do something is usually lacking. Organizations in the meso level are able to transform new knowledge into an approach that is useful to SMEs.

During this Summit knowledge institutions share new knowledge and insights into (open) innovation (processes) with representatives of industry associations, consultancy agencies and governments. They translate these insights into practical instruments that are useful to small and medium-sized businesses. In addition, knowledge institutions can present their offerings in the field of internships and research, where the participants can match their question.

For whom?
Representatives of sector organizations, consultancy agencies and governments on the one hand and knowledge institutions on the other. But also anyone who is seriously interested in new knowledge and insights in the field of (open) innovation (processes).

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